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oh man. so i saw goblet of fire at midnight. it was brilliant. the whole time i was in awe.
there were a few things that dissapointed me, like how bill and charlie weren't in it. i was looking forward to seeing them.
i didn't like how the quiditch world cup was portrayed. they didn't show the veela and the leprauchauns, they didn't show the game, and the death eater attack was wrong. i didn't like how harry was left in the middle of the grounds when he was really in the woods with ron and hermione, and how they found winky with harry's wand. but you all knew that :) i also didn't like how the maze had no obsticles in it.
and i was looking forward to archie saying how he enjoyed a fresh breeze around his private areas while he was wearing a dress. i love that part!
oh well, there's only so much you can put in a movie, or it will turn out to be 5 hours. i wouldn't mind watching 5 hours of harry potter though.
i LOVED the first task with the hungarian horntail. omg it was AMAZING! simply amazing!
the second tast was good too. except the fact that dobby got harry the gillyweed. let's not get technical though...
OMG at the graveyard...holy shit. i went with my friend gabie and when voldemort came back to life we were holding each other. he is so scary looking! now i know why it was pg 13, the graveyard scene was creepy. but it was so good. omg and when he returned with cedric's body and was hysterical. omg i cried.
oh mannnnnnnnnnnnn but i loved it!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna go see it in imax. ahhhhh harry potter in imax = huge orgasm. i love harry potter.
and ron weasly is such a babe! so is cederic diggory. and fred and george.
oh man did anyone else think fred and george were high the whole time?
oh man so every time i saw snape i got really mad. i hate snape.
and everytime i saw dumbledore i wanted to cry. i miss him!
and everytime i saw ginny i got really happy lol. i love ginny. i love ginny and harry together even more.
ok so i'm rambling and i'm sure no one cares. i need sleep, i only got 15 minutes. not smart to see midnight showings then go to school the next day, while starting your homework after you get home from the midnight showing. i am dumb. oh well.
goodbye fellow harry potter lovers.
enjoy the movie!!!!
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